My name is Michael Cardona
& I am a designer specializing 
in brand identities, web + print.
What I do, 
web, branding, SEO and much more.
web design
Want to promote yourself but you've no idea how? I have many! I design creative online campaigns, attractive banners, write catchy texts, launch social networks and more.
Beautiful things don't happen overnight. When it comes to logo, icon or graphic design, craftsmanship and patience play an essential role. And that's where i can help!
I only create websites based on a Breezi CMS platform. Because it is secure, fast and reliable. Plus, you can edit your after words inside of a friendly user interface.
Want to make, re-make or conjure up a new corporate identity? I won't just draft your logo, I will draft an entire story of your company. And that by far, is not everything.
graphic design
Take a look, at some of my work.
I update my portfolio frequently. Check back soon for more great work!
Care, to know a little more about me? 

Hello again! I am a US Graphic Designer from West Palm Beach, Florida. I have been working as a graphic designer for the past 7 years and i am currently working as a freelancer. I design beautiful interfaces for a variety of applications. I effort in the delivery of rich, beautiful and cool user experiences. Design is my driving passion, everything in my life is affected by it. I love understanding how great design works and applying that to my work. Giving extra creative flair to my designs. Most of my experience relies on years of print and user interface design. Apart from my personal projects, I've worked for individuals, agencies and very talented people. I'm always interested in new challenges. I love to sketch and create beautiful logos, i also love typography and beautiful design. Best of all I love my job and its allowed me to push my creative limits allowing me to successfully build strong brands and relationships with my clients. 
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"I have this mental illness called creativity." 
I've,  worked with a few companies.
Interested in being my next client? I'd love to work with you!